Stella Home is a fantastically unique and creative home staging business.

My name is Cassee Cunningham, pronounced (Cassie). I am the owner of Stella Home. My process for home staging relies heavily on getting to know the space, light, architectural era + updates of the home, and the personality of the community the house is located in. Once I feel I know the house, I then start to create a highly customized design palette. I pull from my treasure trove of new contemporary furnishings, found, up-cycled pieces, antiques, architectural salvage, original and local art. My intention is never to hide anything about an interior space. My goal is to show the full potential and bring spaces to life.

I have always been involved in design, re-purposing, renovating homes and furniture. I stumbled on having a staging business when I became a residential real estate broker. Escorting my buyers into homes for sale and seeing first hand their undeniable positive emotional response to a beautifully staged home v. an empty house was a game changer for my real estate business. I began on my own listings swapping out a few of my sellers furnishings with a few of mine. With each new staging opportunity I would acquire or make things that particularly fit the home I was working on. Before I knew it I had a great little inventory, and some really unique pieces.

Local, local, local. I feel very strongly about supporting local business. I purchase or lease artwork from local artists. I employ a local woodworker to repair, re-purpose and create furniture pieces. I also purchase furniture from local furniture makers. In addition, I take in architectural pieces i.e. old doors, mantles etc. that otherwise would be headed for the landfill. Please visit the Favorites page below to access links to my favorite local or North Carolina based businesses for all kinds of fun finds.

Thank you for visiting Stellatella Home.

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