Every home has a vibe. When I enter a home I can feel it. My stager’s sixth sense kicks in. I know what the home wants to be. Over the years, I’ve staged every kind of home imaginable from million-dollar mansions to cute cottage charmers. I’ve done artsy and eclectic, glam and classic, rustic and minimalist. You name it, I’ve staged it. 

Each style comes with its own set of ‘rules’ regarding colors and textures but there are some decor go-to’s that work regardless of the style. 

Accent Chairs: 

I am often asked when shopping for my staging warehouse, what was the one piece I would splurge on regardless of price? Initially, throw pillows felt like the obvious answer, but after looking through photos of past stages, I realized my answer had to be accent chairs.

The right accent chair can completely transform a room. Spaces that are just too small for a full-sized piece of furniture or just too big to be left empty, are perfect for colorful accent chairs! The best part is, these chairs can be used in nearly every room – bedrooms, walk-in closets, nooks off the kitchen, living rooms, offices – you name it! Thrift and secondhand stores are great for scoring these fun, one-of-a-kind accent chairs.

I feel I have to put a shout out to Robert Butchko designer and builder of Fab Mid Century inspired furniture.  I have 3 sets of Robert Butchko accent chairs in marvelous mint, burnt orange, and lemon yellow.  I have to stop myself from using them in every stage.  Re-visit my post on Robert Butchko as part of my artists’ series.


Can you have a sense of humor when staging? Yes, you can! Adding a bit of humor can help a house stand out to a buyer and make it memorable.

Let me give you an example. I have this adorable chicken feet side table that people just love. It’s both fun and functional, blending two important elements in one lightweight piece. A balance that is hard to strike in furniture. 

This Birdy Side Table from Urban Outfitters is as close as I’ve found to my table. I encourage you to be creative and to allow for a bit of whimsy. 


Artwork is another grand opportunity to add whimsy. Color, scale, and, obviously subject matter make for immediate personality. 


With social distancing and quarantining in effect, it’s safe to say you have and will continue to spend most of your time at home for the next little while. Decluttering will not only make your house feel larger but will also create a more zen-like atmosphere (clutter is stressful!) The decluttering process can be very therapeutic. I break it down in another blog for you, room by room.  

Here’s a novel idea; Don’t be afraid to leave space.  By decluttering if you find you have some open wall space or an emancipated corner of a room.  Leave it.  Don’t feel like you have to fill it, at least not right away.  Embrace clean open space. Perhaps you will find the perfect piece that makes the best use of the space, or perhaps not. 

It’s 2021 … goodness knows we could use a fresh space, a new place to sit and a little laughter! Seize the day and decorate!