You aren’t imagining it. There is a furniture shortage right now… technically. Lucky for you I’m going to tell you how to get around it. 

Let’s start with the problem. My Dad mentioned to me the other day in the car that he heard on the news that there is a furniture shortage.  Like many other industries, there are supply line issues for everything from paint to, well, furniture.  Couches that used to take 6-8 weeks on order or taking up to 20 weeks! Lumber, which is pretty critical for furniture manufacturing, is in short supply, not to mention the soaring cost! Transporting raw materials and components has been an issue for international supply chains too impacting things across the U.S. Factories are still playing catch up from the increased demand brought on by the pandemic. 

It got me thinking. There isn’t a furniture shortage in my world! So, what’s the difference? Why haven’t I felt this crunch like maybe your average homeowner in search of the perfect piece? Because… As a stager I’ve become really creative with how and where I find furniture.

Here are some great places and ways to get some awesome fun, funky furnishings for your home.  

  1. Habitat for Humanity.  I have found soooo many cool things at Habitat for instance one of my absolute favorites is an ornately carved wood frame settee.  I had it recovered in a chic faux cowhide print and I freaking love it.  It’s modern and unexpected and something you’d never find in a furniture store. 
  2. Side o’ the road finds like my super favorite MCM wood frame loveseat.  This piece I also had reupholstered for about $300 plus the cost of fabric maybe another $100 and it is also one of my all-time favorites that goes everywhere.  
  3. Salvation Army.  I have found the funkiest things here. For example, take my 2 attached movie seats complete with old cool stickers on the back of the chair, wood back and art deco style metal frame.
  4. Of course my favorite haunts are always a go-to: Sleepy poet , Slate interiors  and Gibson Mill  just to name a few.  
  5. Here’s an idea. Swap with a friend, clean out your attic, have your friends and family pull out their forgotten furniture.  You never know what you might find. 
  6. Give the furniture that you have a new life.  That chair you’ve taken for granted and don’t think you like.  Go to Modern Fabrics which shares a building with Sleepy Poet.  They have remnants of fabric for a fraction of the price.  Get the coolest fabric you can and give that sweet ole chair a makeover. Go crazy with paint too, why not?

There is absolutely not a shortage of furniture …. maybe just a shortage of imagination.