I’ll admit as a stager I’m like a home decor ninja… I excel in finding inexpensive home decor that creates a modern, hip vibe.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on cool home decor. My go-to when I have to buy something new is to check out my favorite local shops. That’s where I find the most unique items. I’ve got several listed here in this holiday shopping blog.

But there are a lot of great online options too that won’t break the bank.

You can find everything from rugs to statement pieces.

While I love getting ‘new’ things for a home stage… some of my favorite work comes from repurposing ‘old’ things. In fact, one of the things I love most about staging is that very little gets wasted.

I’ve used an old fan grate for a wall hanging, a non-functioning camera as fantastic (my favorite in fact) desktop decor along with an old lap-top my husband was going to throw away.  I even found a beautiful, no longer living, colorful moth that I am going to add into an apothecary planter.   I LOVE and use all kinds of jars and inexpensive glass wear 

Old postcards work great, too.  

If I can use anything again and you can too. You just have to know WHERE TO LOOK!

I purchase sooo many very cute decor pieces from Habitat for Humanity for as little as .50 for a hand made vase that I use in French Country design stages.   Other places to treasure hunt: The Salvation Army, consignment shops, even garage sales! you name it cool stuff is everywhere. 

If you need some inspiration head over to Pinterest and look around. Search things like repurpose, vintage, home decor. WARNING: The writer of this blog is not responsible for the hours and hours you will lose track of time exploring layers and layers of uber-cool ideas.

Do you know what’s better than inexpensive home decor? FREE home decor!

Nature is one of my favorite places to shop.  In addition to my beautiful moth (mentioned earlier), I use stones, shells, moss, all kinds of treasures provided free by Momma Nature.  

Decorating your home involves heart! Think about how you will use the space. Think about what brings you joy or evokes feelings of fun, calm, inspiration. I love watching new and old come together in harmony to create a vibe that is uniquely your own.