Fads come and go, eventually evolving over time and leaving us with fresh inspiration or concepts. One fad I was glad to see go was clear plastic clothing. Yes, 2017 gifted us with knee-high boots, pants, high heels, and tops all made out of clear plastic. Not a good look on a hot sweaty day.

However, fashion trends have a way of trickling down and inspiring industries of all kinds. The ‘clear plastic’ concept evolved (thankfully) and can now be seen in furniture! In the furniture world, clear plastic has actually been a clear winner for more than 75 years. Acrylic furniture first debuted in the late 1930’s.  Plastics such as Plexiglas, resin, Lucite, and acrylic have survived decades of trends and look as new today as ever. 

Forget the idea that plastic equals cheap. This bookcase from Crate and Barrel is $399.

The quality of acrylic furniture has improved over the years. 

Designers have improved the quality of these pieces along with the design… even mixing some styles with metals or wood expanding the types of styles where these pieces work. 

One of the main reasons for considering acrylic furniture is its durability. Acrylic furniture is scratch resistant. They will last for years with proper care.

One of my favorite pieces to incorporate into small spaces is this clear (a high quality I may add) plastic table set. Visually, these tables and chairs occupy room in the space, but because they are clear the room doesn’t feel small or cramped! Adding acrylic chairs to a dining space gives it a bold and modern feel. If you add a cushion to the chairs they appear to float in mid-air. I found a whole Pinterest page of plastic chairs.

Acrylic furniture is an easy way to add glam to a space. It also gives it a more edgy feel. Didn’t the Jetsons have acrylic furniture?

Plastic console tables work great in entryways. It’s a thing on Wayfair. Bonus for mom and dad, the rounded corners are kid-friendly.  These pieces seamlessly blend into the design and seem to take up no space at all.

Other trendy acrylic furniture includes bar carts, benches or shelving units. Here are some great acrylic pieces to fit many styles. 

Clean, breezy, contemporary, minimalistic and even futuristic are some of the words fans describe this style. Let me know what you think of the look.