Ahh, it’s that time of year when people across Charlotte are making a list of Christmas gift ideas and checking it twice… Well, everyone but me. I don’t want to be a Scrooge here, though it may sound like it at first. Just hear me out.  I’m not a huge traditional gift shopper or gift giver for the Holidays.  Blame it on my childhood.  My family just didn’t have much money for gifts.  I remember dreading going back to school after the Christmas Holiday only to learn what other kids received for gifts and feeling ashamed that my parents couldn’t afford the same level of gifts for my brothers and me.  I realized I wasn’t the only kid in school that didn’t receive stereos (this is dating me) and walkmans (this is really dating me) but at the time it sure felt like it.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I love gift-giving, and I love finding the right gifts. However, I may see the perfect gift for someone I care about on a Tuesday in July.  I may not find the same perfect gift under pressure in time for Christmas. 

The Holidays are about bounty from the earth and giving thanks and love.  Providing and enjoying delicious food, having a beautifully decorated home full of light, and your time and presence v. presents is how I approach the Holiday gift-giving season. 

Having said all of that.  There are some that love the art of the gift under Holiday pressure, and for those, I say you can’t go wrong with handmade, locally made wonderfulness. 

LOCAL ART: I love love love local artists and Charlotte has so many of them. Art is a great gift because it shows you took the time to select something meaningful for the receiver and because it’s not mass-produced, it’s environmentally friendly. From paintings to wood and pottery or even cool metal sculptures for your yard, there are plenty of options for everyone on your list. 

There are so many great places to pick up very affordable local artwork, decor, all kinds of great things. 

WREATHS: There are so many wreath options from natural textures to holiday fun. Wreaths add a touch of color to a front porch or warm up an empty wall on the inside.  

I absolutely love greenery for all occasions, but especially the Holiday season.  For me using greenery is such a tribute to mother nature, makes your home smell so wonderful and doesn’t go in the landfill.  It’s also understated and not so literally Christmas. 

WELCOME MAT: Nothing says ‘thanks for making me feel welcome’ like a new mat for the front door. Let’s face it, it doesn’t take long for them to look a little worn and unwelcoming. After a Summer and Fall of rain, a bright and cheery, and maybe even funny mat is a great change.  


(drum roll, please)

Sleepy poet is one of my favorites. I’ve written about this place numerous times. I love it for furniture, and all things funky. As their website says, no rhyme or reason just cool stuff. If you can’t choose, get someone a gift card. Trust me, they’ll thank you.

And if you can’t find the perfect gift, don’t sweat it. Just wait until a Tuesday in July. Sometimes perfection can’t be rushed.