As a stager, I give a lot of thought to choosing the right color and style for each piece of furniture in whatever particular space I am staging. Recently, a client met me in one of my staging warehouses in search of the perfect chair. After talking and looking and questioning choices for nearly an hour, she joked that she had never given a chair so much thought before. The conversation prompted me to share a few things you should consider when looking for the perfect chair to fit your needs.

Here are six categories to consider when finding the right chair… 

Vibe and style

This is where I start. What do you want the chair to say when you look at it? Is it for a casual or formal purpose? What room will it be used in? Do I need it to last for a long time (in that case, a classic style might be more appropriate) or would I be ok with a few good years (which means you can go more trendy)

Height of Chair

My client needed the chair to feel comfortable sitting and talking. She didn’t want her feet to hang off but she wanted it to be high and easy to get out of.  If you are looking for kitchen counter or dining room chairs, in general, you need 9″-13″ between the seat and the counter for comfort. 

Height of Back

Do you want your head to be able to rest on the back? Taller chairs make a bigger statement and allow you to feel like you are being surrounded by the chair.


Fabric matters. My client wanted a little shimmer but not too much. In her case, the chair was going to be photographed so this was an important consideration.  If you have kids consider a fabric that wears well or resists stains. This may be more important for a family room chair you plan to watch a movie in rather than a chair for a formal living room where you will primarily entertain other adults.

Depth and Width of the Chair

My client is relatively tall. She wanted to sit comfortably but not slouch in the chair. She also wanted to make sure her knees didn’t bunch up when she sat in it. Again, she needed to be photographed in the chair so it was going to impact posture. 

We decided against a chair that made her feel, as she said, like ‘a big person in a tiny chair.’ The scale of a chair is critical not only as it relates to the size of the room but also to the person who is using it. 

Armrests or not

This about how you intend to use the chair. Are you going to want to lean on it or curl up in it to read? 

After working our way through these categories we decided on this chair.

Perfect color. Perfect vibe. AND it was comfortable! That’s a win-win-win.

My client liked the chair so much for the shoot she was using it for, she almost wanted to get another chair to keep in the room!