Every house has a different feel but not every home has a distinct design style. Some homes are just filled with art, furniture and décor that caught the homeowners eye, fulfilled a need, or was in a set budget.

Staging gives a home a comprehensive, cohesive vibe. Every stage I do has its own unique style. I actually love mixing styles.  If you want to up your design game and show off your personality through a total style start by choosing the vibe you want your home to have. Then support it with textures and décor that reflect that vibe.

Here are three popular design styles and a few guidelines to help you achieve the Instagram worthy images found in movies and magazines in your own home.


This style is both rustic and refined, friendly and elegant. Warm and casual it starts with a neutral base of creams, light greys or white. Pastel accents of sky blue or light coral sweeten the space. French Country brings the colors and textures of the outside, in. Think lush flowers, or green plants (I use faux of course, no plants are ever hurt in my staging) displayed in clay pots, baskets or an old pitcher. Cottage prints work great as art for the walls. Furniture and pillows take on a certain charm when prints and patterns are mixed.

Here are a few great examples (http://www.hgtv.com/design/decorating/design-101/10-inspiring-french-country-decorating-ideas-pictures)


What other styles hide, industrial design exposes like aged brick walls, wooden trusses, steel columns, pipes, or even duct work.  What might otherwise look old or unfinished comes together in a cohesive, edgy, chic look. If I had to choose just one style, I would say industrial is my favorite.  This style is all about the metal, baby.  I have some great old space heaters that I re-purposed into side tables, for instance.  Other great design pieces that fit the industrial look are clocks from old gas stations, and retro metal signage like old soft drink signs. I really love the substantial feel and elemental look of metal, and wood.  I love how indestructible industrial looks and feels too.  Black and white photography goes really well with industrial.  

Check out these examples: (https://www.shelterness.com/35-interesting-industrial-interior-design-ideas/)



The backdrop of modern design is a base of white, punctuated with strong contrasting colors and minimal decor.  If you tend to live among piles or clutter and don’t always put things back where they belong, this is not the style for you. Really strong furniture design, as in Scandinavian really speaks to the modern style. Forget curves and complex shapes. Modern is all about clean defined lines. Even the floors in modern home reflect minimalism with hardwoods, large tiles or polished concrete.

Here are few examples of Modern Design in action (https://www.houzz.com/photos/query/modern-design/nqrwns

Regardless of the style you choose you want to make sure it is functional to your lifestyle. Remember, homes were made to be lived in and loved in. They aren’t movie sets or magazine photos. Happy decorating!