It’s the stuff HGTV dreams are made of.

Modern Farmhouse design is the centerpiece of the hit show ‘Fixer Upper.’

Oversized pendant lights, open shelving, and a sliding barn door are all the rage in home renovations and wish lists.

For me, it’s nothing new.

I grew up in a farmhouse back in the heart of the midwest.  That Indiana home was 120 years old when we lived there.  It was my grandparents’ house first.  My Mom lived in it after them and renovated it. 

I can still remember her taking up carpet and the old vinyl flooring that covered the thick wide planked wood floors. Come to think of it, maybe I got my penchant for renovating from her! She brought the home back to its glory days, even pulling down asbestos tiles to expose hand hewn beams.

We ate countless meals on the farm table she salvaged from the barn.  I loved that house and it’s effortless connection to nature and people. I have recreated that same connection between nature and people in other homes over the years.

You don’t have to live in a farmhouse to incorporate a modern farmhouse vibe. Some of the elements mix well with other styles.  In fact, you can bring a little of the design fundamentals into any home!

Here are a few key elements.

1.  Light!!!  Let the light shine in.  If you can get away with no window dressings then go for it.. especially in the kitchen.  If not, choose window dressings that disappear and let as much light in as possible.  Heavy curtains do NOT achieve a modern farmhouse look. 

2.  Natural elements.  Wood, of course, is the key to this look because any/all farmhouses were all about wood — not only in how they were made but also in every piece of furniture.  The more accidentally weathered the wood looks, the better.  Stone accents or beautiful rocks are another natural element to consider.

3. Natural fiber rugs i.e. seagrass, Sisal, Jute. These add fantastic touches to a room.

4.  Lots of healthy plants and potted herbs are another signature element of Modern Farmhouse style. That shouldn’t be surprising since the word ‘Farm’ is in the name of the design. 

5.  When it comes to paint and color palette, stick to natural neutrals the color of woods, grass, sky, or stone

6.  Keep it clear and clean.  Make the look comfortable and relaxed. Keep it open and feeling and looking light.

7.  Choose furnishings that have lighter leg and arm styles to introduce a modern edge. Throw a cute old quilt over the couch or a great chair while you are at it!

It’s no wonder the trend of modern farmhouse captivates me.  The feelings that this style evokes takes me back to my childhood farmhouse. 

I love it even more now with the modern part.  Marrying the farmhouse pallette and materials with modern lines is just breathtaking. 

I’m not sure why the world looks better looking out from a farmhouse sink, but it does.