Mirror, mirror on the wall…. who’s the fairest one of all?

The fairest mirror of all is the one that best serves the purpose you need… function, design, or light. As a stager, I have used mirrors for all 3 purposes at one time or another. Mirrors are yet another tool in my design tool bag.

Here’s how you can use them in your own home.


Mirrors in an entryway are a practical solution for checking your appearance on the way in or out of the door.

Mirrors with shelves or hooks can add function and style to the front or back entry of your home. All homes no matter how big or small should have a drop zone area for keys, jackets, etc.

Mirrors in a small bathroom can serve as additional storage. Modern medicine cabinets have come a long way from the boring variety of the 1980s!


Used in the right way, mirrors can create a statement in a room.

Round mirrors are popular right now and can add softer edges to a space. They can help balance out the composition of more rectangular or square elements in a room like artwork or photos, storage bins or books etc.

Mirrors can also add an element of glam or fancy to a room. Gold or ornate mirrors can be used in place of art to fill up blank space on a wall. Avoid using small mirrors on a large wall.

Today, mirrors without the purpose of seeing your reflection (i.e. purposefully rustic mirrors) are great way to use wall space but not have to go through the agony of choosing what painting or poster to choose. If you don’t have a rustic mirror, no problem, this creates an opportunity for you to DIY.

Mirrors can add to the vibe or mood of a room too. Try using a mirror as a headboard, or opt for an antique one with smoky glass.

Creatively arranging smaller, different sized and shaped mirrors can add a pronounced “Wow!” factor to a room.  This can also be applied as a cool touch on gallery walls. Just one word of caution: this technique works best in a room that isn’t full of clutter. You don’t wall all that stuff reflected everywhere!


Mirrors can do more than just add a decorative touch.

Whether it is an awkwardly sized space, or an area where natural light is quick to die, mirrors add space and light to an area. More light makes a space feel brighter and larger! In terms of placement, hanging a mirror or mirrors directly across from a window will give you maximum light.

This little trick has been around for years! Did you know that back in the Victoria era, large pier mirrors were actually used near windows to make rooms brighter?

Whatever type mirror you choose, keep this staging rule for mirrors in mind… Hang mirrors with wall hooks or picture hangers at each end. It helps the mirror hang flat for the best reflection. Avoid putting the weight of a mirror on one tiny nail. That’s an amateur move you’ll likely regret when it comes crashing down!

One thing you won’t regret? Working a mirror or two into the design of your home!