The kitchen is often considered the workhorse of a home. It’s an understandable description given the amount of time we spend there, eating, socializing, and living. But I think that modern mudrooms run a close second. Not so much for the amount of time spent there but for the tough requirements we put on them. Think about it. Our mudroom drop zones are a revolving door of kids, pets, gear, and dirt every season of the year! 

Modern mudrooms aren’t just a spot to leave your shoes as they were originally used ‘back in the day’. Not only do they need to serve a larger function, modern mudrooms have more pleasing aesthetic to make the transition from outside to inside more cohesive to the overall feel of the home. Thank you, Pinterest and HGTV for making these rooms as much a part of the design as any other room in the house.

As a stager, I am always evaluating the use of space in my designs. Here are a few things to consider to help modernize your mudroom to a functional living space.


Before you do ANYTHING to the space/entry area think about how you use it. Many times modern mudrooms are drop zones for bookbags, coats, and sports equipment. The key is giving everything a place.


What you need or use for storage will depend on the size of your family, the size of your space, and the rest of your house. Think about options that maximize space like hooks…

a flip bench….

cabinets or cubbies with coordinating storage bins. If you have the space, consider individual lockers or storage spaces that give each family member flexibility in how to use the room. 


Mudrooms can be a good option for charging stations, mail, keys or family calendars. You don’t need a lot of space to add this function to the mudroom.


Mudrooms are great places to store pet gear including kennels or large petbeds. Carving out a nook for the family pet reduces their clutter in other areas of the home. 


There are oh so many options for making mudrooms cute. Fun wallpaper, bold paint color, chalkboards, or artwork. Seriously, let your imagination have fun in this room. It might not be the first room guests see but it will surely be the first room your family sees the most so why not make it welcoming?


Even if you don’t have the luxury of a large mudroom, make sure flooring for the area is easy to clean and durable for all the dirt and mud that’s dragged inside during those springtime ‘April showers’ or amid the melting of winter snow.