If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent more time on your couch than ever before in the last year. In lieu of going out, you’re staying in and watching movies. When the office space you’ve created at the dining room table feels uncomfortable, you grab your laptop and head to the sofa to work. And maybe when you and your other need some space, you’ve slept on the couch. Having spent so much time with your couch, you may have begun to notice some things about it: the cushions are worn and tired, that little hole in the arm has grown, and that stain has only gotten darker … and bigger. Now what? If these scenarios apply to you, it could be time for an upgrade. So take a deep breath and prepare to go down the rabbit hole of buying a new couch. 

I won’t lie. Finding the perfect couch is an important job. Our couches are now serving us for many purposes.  After all, the couch needs to be comfortable enough for the Sunday afternoon Netflix binges but stylish enough that when you can have people over again it anchors your room. 

Before you purchase a new couch consider a few things. 

Comfort vs. style

One of the most asked questions I get as a stager is how to find a couch that is stylish and comfortable.  

Why shouldn’t they be comfortable and loved? Possibly my favorite couch to stage with is this gorgeous, saddle leather brown tufted couch with matching roll pillows.

The buttery soft touchable leather is both inviting and forgiving as it ages by softening into a rich patina. Plus, saddle leather brown couches are exceptional chameleons; these beauties are complemented by soft tones like beige, tan, sienna, earth tones, coastal blues, as well as variations of oranges and pink.

I highly recommend this piece. Don’t just take my word on it, check out some of my past stagings where I used a saddle leather brown couch. Beautiful and versatile, you really can’t go wrong with including one into your home decor!


The right size for a couch depends on a lot of factors… How big is the room it is going in? How do you fit on it? The average couch has three seat cushions and an average of about 86 inches in length. Seat depth varies as do heights.

The Make

A solid hardwood frame is the sturdiest option. Particleboard or metal construction typically won’t last as long (and probably won’t be as comfortable) Good manufacturers offer at least a 15-year guarantee.

Seat cushion filling is another consideration when it comes to determining if the make of a couch or sofa is high quality. Feather-filled cushions are great for comfort but will lose their shape and require plumping. Foam or fiber fillings can flatten out over time. A combination might be your best option.

The fabric of the couch shouldn’t be overlooked. Make sure the fabric fits your lifestyle (kids? pets?). 

If you want to get into the nitty gritty details on make and fabric check out this buying guide from Martha Stewart.  

The Cost 

Wayfair, Joss & Main, and Overstock are known for reasonably priced couches and wide selections of styles and colors. There are a lot of places to buy couches online. The Spruce came up with its own list of top spots.  

But nothing works as good as simply trying a couch out yourself! I’m a couch sitter. I need to feel the fabric and look at it myself. That’s why I tend to opt for local businesses when purchasing a couch.  Tell them Cassee sent you!