Ok moms and dads, time for real talk. Your kids aren’t going back to school until at least May 15th. You’ve had a couple of weeks now to adjust to life with e-learning. It’s possible that you’ve run out of Pinterest science experiments already and if you bake one more batch of cookies with your youngsters you are going to go into a sugar coma. But homeschooling is here to stay, at least for now. So here are a few things parents with elementary school kids can do to create a more official school-like setting in your home and get all you back on some kind of routine.

Giving ‘school’ it’s own area will help keep clutter confined to its own space.  But ‘where’ this new school is going to be depends on the available space in your house. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Can you take over the formal dining room for a bit? I mean, it’s not like friends can come over for dinner anyway right now. Maybe you have space in a guest bedroom that isn’t being used. Would the garage work? or a sunroom?

Whatever you decide it will be important that it kind of looks like school so your kids understand this is deal now. There are a few things you can do to create this new classroom in any space.

Designate a work surface and area.

If each child has a desk in their own room, consider moving them to a common space so you can monitor everything at once. If kids are working on a table, consider using the spare 6-foot table or card table you might reserve for family gatherings. This will make it easier than using the family dinner table and having to clean up every 10 minutes.

Keep supplies close at hand.

Use shelves or organizational units to keep all the materials in one spot. That will keep you from running from room to room to closet to drawer to get something for the next project.

Add a chalkboard.

Since you are the new teacher, a chalkboard might come in handy. Stick on chalkboard stickers or wall adhesive get the job done and they are easy to put up (important) and take down (more important). 

Let your ‘students’ take care of something.

No, you don’t have to rush out before the stores close and buy a hamster but giving children responsibilities are a big part of teaching. plants and fish make for easy biology lessons.

Create a reading area.

You can utilize a colorful rug or maybe a beanbag chair to create a special space. This will also give kids a break from the desk or table work.

Of course, if you want to go all out you can paint and get new furniture.

If you need more ideas for homeschooling rooms, I found a bunch on Pinterest.

Ask your kids for their input as you design their new classroom. You want them engaged and invested. This could be a good experience for everyone if you are set up for success. Good Luck!