Everything has its day when it comes to design. Styles are hot and then they’re not. Probably for the best. I mean, aren’t you glad shag carpet didn’t stick around forever? So once again we come to the end of a year and as expected there are some beloved design trends headed out of style for 2020.


Gray has been the color of choice for floors, walls, even kitchen cabinets as of late. But its becoming to expected. It’s also not as cozy as other colors. Expect to see it become more of an accent color. Gray as the main color will be replaced with warmer neutrals like oatmeal and buff. Behr’s 2020 color of the year is a sage green shade. The new Dulux Colour of the Year 2020 is Tranquil Dawn.

WARNING:  if you are an all-white kitchen fan, well, that trend may not be far behind according to some experts who say its too cold and sterile for everyday living.


Once considered a luxury, buyers are no longer wowed by media rooms. Streaming services may be partly to blame. The rooms simply don’t have the practicality many homeowners are looking for and often go unused except for rare occasions.


Brass or gold fixtures have become popular again in renovated kitchens and bathrooms but it’s been so overused it now feels trendy instead of unique which made it popular in the first place. If you are making renovation plans for 2020 you can’t go wrong with the timeless look of brushed nickel or stainless.


Say it isn’t so?! Sorry, but it’s true. The rustic farmhouse vibe that HGTV made the ultimate design trend is starting to fade. You’ll still see elements of it but in a more scaled-back kind of way. All those barn doors that got a second life for a few years, well, it turns out they aren’t very good for keeping out sound and don’t function as well in certain spaces.

There were a few others on the HGTV list I’m not sad to see go and a few that may surprise you.

By most accounts, design experts predict interior design trends in 2020 will be aimed toward wellbeing, comfort, and sustainability even as the houses themselves will evolve with modern technologies and smart rooms. Hey Alexa, can you paint the kitchen for me?

Wanna see what’s coming in 2020? One word makes my heart burst. Velvet. Yep, its not just for Elvis paintings anymore. Here are some more trends you can expect.  

If you are planning to sell your home any time soon it’s a good thing to consider what’s in and what’s out in design in order to help you get the most money in a sale. If you aren’t planning to sell then you can keep what you love and don’t worry about it! The best design for you is the design you love and want to spend time in!