The touch of flowers or greenery can add so much to a staged area. Sure, it’s nice to have professionally arranged bouquets in the main rooms of the house, but save time and a whole lot of money by utilizing your backyard. All you need is scissors.

Follow the themes of the seasons. Fall? Bring in some foliage and make your home cozy and inviting. Spring? Clip some buds and place them throughout the house making it appear fresh and herald the arrival of spring. Summer? Brighten the house with cheerful splashes of color. Winter? Holly branches or even arranged twigs can add the perfect touch, without inviting specific holidays to the table.

If you wanted, go the extra mile in fall and winter by using the outside but utilize a can of spray paint as well. Spray painting twigs or leaves a metallic gold or silver can make your natural items look designer and polished. People will never expect that you didn’t buy them at a store.

Make it easy for the viewer to imagine themselves utilizing their future backyard at your house.

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