Gone are the days when the beginning and end of the workday was marked by punching a time clock. People no longer spend their working hours tied to an official and stuffy looking desk topped with a cup of freshly sharpened pencils, and last year’s birthday greeting taped to the side of the outdated monitor. No way! People create. They don’t “work” the way they used to. More and more people don’t even go into an office. Now that the world is at your fingertips in your “workspace”, many of us can do the same work from our home office.   Today’s office decor is totally… unofficial.  I’ve mastered the art of the cool office vibe by utilizing unexpected pieces of furniture in this expected space. 

For my listings and the listings I stage for other agents, I usually always incorporate a home office/work/studio.  This is important for buyers to see.  They want to know where they are going to be spending a lot of their valuable time.  They need to see this space is going to be happy, light-filled, playful, and inviting.  It needs to scream creativity and productivity simultaneously.

This incubation space is so important that often times if there is not a spare bedroom I will snag a spare common space and stage it with room to sit and have a meeting or have a cup of coffee before you start your workday.  

Something like this…

My absolute favorite piece of unexpected furniture in an office is a big beautiful drafting table. A drafting table is unexpected but also immediately identified as a creative work tool.  I’m not just an accountant. I’m an artist accountant, one might imagine. 

See what I mean? It’s functional and it looks super cool.

I also use fun large tables instead of desks.  Giving people permission to spread out in your workspace. No more cubicles void of personality except for the occasional family photo.  

I love stools instead of an office chair.  Office chairs tend to have a negative association with working.  You know, like you are tethered or chained or stuck.  A stool sends the message you are light and free to fly anytime you want.  

Easels work great in an office! I like to use them to display art. I love adding a twist and using a half-painted piece of artwork. With this, I also throw in some used paint rags, brushes and empty paint-splattered cans.  

I love a music element in my offices too.  I’ve picked up old radios, vinyl albums, even retro headphones from flea markets or antique stores. 

Now, of course, I use desks (don’t be silly, I know you have to actually get work done at some point) but I always lighten the mood with one of my other office tricks, ya know the easel, artwork, and music.  

Our work lives often intersect with our after hours life.  Creativity is capital. Our homes are our offices.  It’s important that we own and create where we are making our marks.