We all need a little design inspiration from time to time. You want to renovate your kitchen? You’ll need some inspiration. Want to create the perfect plush master bedroom sanctuary? Where do you look for ideas for design inspiration? Pinterest is a favorite for many people. I’m constantly in need of inspiration and fresh ideas as a stager but I have a more traditional design muse.

I’d like to say all of my design ideas are born of my own imagination, but I’d be lying.  I read, I flip, I devour design publications.  In fact, I collect design books, but that’s for another day (note to self: write a post on best design books).  I want to share my favorite mags for design and what kind of inspiration I get from each.   

Flea market – I would wait in line over night in the snow without shoes for each months publication of this magazine.  It features flea market collector’s homes and ideas.  Oh, and you can find out where the best flea markets are throughout the country. I could plan a whole vacation just on that information! This mag is such inspiration food for repurposing, re-inventing items, and just fun kitsch.  The only issue is that this magazine is hard to find. I have found it at Publix, and Michaels.

Veranda – I feel like I should be sipping a cappuccino when I’m flipping through this magazine.  It takes me on European Holiday. Did that thought just make you swoon? It is the perfect inspiration for French Country design and European rustic.  I especially enjoy pulling together European styling for Charlotte listings.  The only place I have found this magazine is at the Charlotte Airport. I know, not the most convenient place to pick it up but absolutely WORTH IT!

dwell (spelled with a lower case “d”) – You must know dwell magazines are a fixture in every one of my stages.  dwell magazine has become a symbol of modern design and, well,  it’s just plain cool. I think the cool factor rubs off on me when I read it. This magazine has been in my life for over a decade and It has served as home renovation and interior design on everything I have done.  What I admire most about the design aesthetic is it is contemporary but so livable and warm and focuses in the best function of a space and clean simple interiors.  This magazine is easy to find.  

Luxe. interiors + design – Need I say more?  Rich, super high end, and frankly a little intimidating, but I love it.  The Shopping guide and pricing for items shown are very sobering, but perfect to get my brain going for creating the look.  This mag also inspires me to think outside of my comfort zone.  

If you’re like me you will love these magazines. I love the cool worlds they have allowed me to create for staging clients. I love the creative inspiration they’ve brought to my own projects. I’d love to hear your favorite sources for inspiration. Drop me an email! (link to contact page)