Peter Allen sang ‘Everything Old is New Again’ in the 1970’s hit by the same name. Wow! How that sentiment holds true even today. As a home stager, I love re-purposing old things in a new way and have written about it before (link) but this love for everything retro goes beyond just ‘things.’ We’ve seen it time and time again in fashion with the return of bib overalls, scrunchies, and neon. This year I’ve seen it myself in interior design. There are major retro decorating trends that have been made better over time, and I for one am incredibly happy about it. I use retro trends in my staging projects frequently.

Whicker Furniture

This one goes way back to the Victorian era.  It has made various appearances over the years. These days it’s a staple of outdoor spaces but you’ll also see it from time to time inside the home as an accent piece or to offer a contrasting texture.

Wood Paneling

Hello 1960’s. Thanks to designers like Joanna Gaines, (Can I get an applause for shiplap?) wood paneling has a whole new vibe. No more dark cheap looking spaces. 


The 70’s and 80’s loved wallpaper. If you’ve ever bought an older home you know this because you probably had to take it off the walls at some point.  Over the top florals were the norm. It survived it’s old fashioned reputation though and now it’s all the rage again.

Accent walls

Remember those from the 80’s? Everyone painted three walls the same color and painted the fourth wall a color. It was the 80’s so just imagine what that color might have been! Accent walls are back as a feature in design. Paint is no longer the only option. Wood, tile, even mirrors create a WOW statement.

Geometric shapes

This was another interior design trend from the 80’s. These days they don’t form the basis for the entire design but are used to add a fun pop on a wall, backsplash or floor or shower insert.

All you have to do is take a look at the avocado, orange and tan colors made popular in 70’s era homes in the updated and modern homes of today to know that modern twists can do wonders for those old ‘I can’t believe we did that!’ trends of the past.