I’m about to drop one of my trade secrets that’s gonna change lives. Do you have something in your house that just doesn’t inspire you anymore?  No, you can not answer your husband or hair-do.  I mean like an old side table or weathered outdoor furniture that you look at and just think ‘blah.’ Here’s what you do. Grab a can of spray paint and give whatever ‘it’ is a facelift!

It’s relatively easy (just a few things to keep in mind which I’ll tell you about in a minute). it’s affordable. Oh,and it’s fun.  Here are some really quick and fun ideas.

1.  Faux plants. My faux plants are put through the wringer.  I use them for porch set-ups so they get faded and washed out.  I will spray paint the whole faux plant including the pot with a chic color like sparkly gold or black or hot pink.  And Ta-Da! you have a cool shelf piece.  

2. Outdoor furniture is so fun and easy.  Whether it’s metal or wood or teak.  It’s so quick and satisfying to make it immediately fresh and new and fun for the next season.  

3.  Small indoor furniture like side tables are also so fun. Have I mentioned spray painting is fun?  Using a couple of coats of glossy spray paint immediately makes whatever you are painting just pop.  *I love the color Spring Green.

Some spray paints provide cool effects and can give your project a little extra oomph!

“Marble”  This is a spray paint that gives a marbleized affect. I wouldn’t advise using it on countertops but it’s great for objects like counter canisters.  Looks really cool.

“Montana Cans Black” and other products can provide metallic spray paints.  Copper is one of my favorites.  Looks so good on an old light fixture.

Matte finish spray paints can be used on fabric to make a fantastic splatter pattern, say, on a throw pillow.  

There ain’t no rules here!  But there are a few guidelines you should follow to make sure that your uber cool, super fun project doesn’t turn into a drippy, uneven mess.

First of all, don’t rush. 

Make sure you are working in a ventilated area so you don’t choke on the paint fumes.

Cover up any parts you don’t want painted. Flex of paint travel far with spray paint.

Wear gloves so your fingers don’t take on the shade of the paint.

Shake well before spraying. The fine print on the can will tell you that but who looks at the fine print. Trust me on this one.

Spray about 6-8 inches away from whatever you are painting and move in an even sweeping motion, kind of like you are waving at the object.

Let it dry fully before applying a second coat. This is going to take longer than you want. Read what the fine print says about dry time if you want to be certain you have waited long enough. 

So look around your yard, your house, or on the ceiling. Find something and make it fabulous with spray paint!