Home stagers know a thing or two about making a home feel irresistible! Spring offers a unique set of opportunities for adding a little wow to your home. I’ve used these home staging tricks over the years to help make a home more attractive to buyers but you can use them in your own home just to freshen things up!

Now, many people are already doing a little spring cleaning inside, and out, and that can go a long way in making a home look better! A home with curb appeal and a sparkling inside will always impress buyers. But there are several small things you can do that have BIG impact.

Box up your winter wardrobe

Winter clothes tend to be bulky and take up lots of space, so move them out as you declutter your closets. Your buyers will think your closets look bigger!

Lighten up your linens

Put away the heavy comforters. Add some new pillows. This is the time for bold colors or floral prints.

Jazz up your entryway

Your welcome mat might be covered with dirt and grime from the long winter. Get a new one that’s bright and cheery and give your door a good cleaning (you’ll be amazed at how getting rid of all those dirty fingerprints will improve the look of your door)

Add a splash of color with seasonal fruit and veggies

You can make your kitchen counter Instagrammable with a few big/different sized vases filled with lemons or limes or oranges etc.

Add fresh flowers

This is an easy home staging trick that really freshens things up. First of all, flowers are pretty. That is really reason enough but if you need another… fresh flowers help your home smell fresh like spring.

Set an entertaining scene

Your deck or patio might look a little gray and empty if you haven’t used it in a while. Get the grill out, and put some new cushions on your old outdoor furniture. String lights and tiki-torches are another great addition that help create a space people will want to entertain in.

If it’s nice outside, don’t be afraid to open up the windows and doors. The fresh air is a good way to clean out all the smells that might be piling up while you’ve been mostly indoors in the last several months. Think bright! Think light! Think fresh!  If you use these tricks to stage your home you are sure to add an extra element of ‘oh, I love that’ to a buyers perspective. If you use these tricks around your own home, well you better fire up that grill and call some friends to bring the beer because everyone will want to hang out at your place.