I’ve staged dozens of houses in the last few years. Right now, I’m actually staging about one a week!

I love it when all of the hours of packing and moving and sweating are done and the fundamentals (couch, bed, tables) are in place. That is when I can start putting together. I move a plant from the shelf to the coffee table or adjust a book by an inch, or re-fluff a pillow. I get to see the house come alive! I walk around several times, looking at the space from all angles. I play with the mixtures of color and textures until everything is just right.

Here are a few lessons I’ve learned between the sweaty moving and the book shifting process that can help you decorate your own space!

Size Matters: It’s important to make sure your furniture fits the scale of a room. You want furniture that is functional and comfortable while still maximizing the space in the room. No one wants to live in a space that fills overloaded.

Define the use of Space: This is becoming a bigger issue as open floor plans and extra bedrooms are commonplace. It’s not only a good to help potential buyers see a home but also for the people who actually live there!

Use some color: Neutrals will always be in style but there are lots of ways to bring in color through pillows, artwork , lighting or centerpieces. Using the same color in the various ‘pops’ will actually unify the home.

Unclutter: I know you’ve seen this one before. It needs no explanation.

Funk it up: Don’t be afraid to try a quirky desk or mix up your chairs. It will make the space more memorable. Leave the matching of styles to a furniture showroom. These funky pieces can add a little whimsy and an element of the unexpected to a home.

Get Artsy: I love big art and I cannot lie!  Art is really a statement about you and adds a focal point to a room. Art works best centered in an area or over whatever furniture is below. A good starting point is 60 inches from the floor. Smaller pieces make great accents and bring in color to a space.

Mix Textures: Pillows, throws, arts and centerpieces add visual interest to a room. Who doesn’t want to hang out in a home that is interesting?

Less is more: Entry ways, foyers, porches, and nooks are all perfect places to show your personality and create a welcome and inviting vibe. Functional is fine but oversized furniture, too many knick knacks, or anything that makes you feel cramped can quickly ruin a rooms clean and modern look.

Your bedroom: There is a reason those catalog photos of bedrooms make us ooh and aah. The easiest way to make a bedroom feel luxurious is to use simple white linens and some great pillows. Everyone likes comfy spaces! 

The pictures in this post came from one stage. One stage that was so successful the home went under contract in a week! Maybe it was the location or the house layout was perfect for the family, but I like to think the staging made it possible for the new buyers to ‘see’ their future in the home.

Oh, notice there’s not one TV in the photos! The most common question I get from the folks that hire me to stage is, “Where’s the TV?”  Here’s the thing. Staging is not about the reality of living in the space — it’s about the dream of living in the space.  I never stage with a fake TV.  Televisions although we all have them, I have 3, at my own home, are ugly.   I stage with art work where the possibility of a TV might go.   

If you need a stager to sell your home contact me at 704.330.8326.