It makes me very sad to think of all the homes for sale that have gone overlooked and unsold simply because the pictures and presentation are not good. When a house that is listed at a great price, is well located, has a well laid out floor plan, and has so much to offer buyers has not sold, it’s either price, presentation, or both. Sellers in this scenario need a fresh set of eyes on their listing.  As a real estate broker, I know what catches the buyer’s eye.

It’s beautiful staging, yes, but pictures are essential to draw them to schedule a showing.  You can’t have one without the other.  

That’s where Stella Home Staging comes in. Staging sets the scene for perfect pictures. As buyers are flipping through pictures on their favorite real estate app, you want them to stop on your listing. Remember, they have to be so compelled by what they see that they call their agent to schedule a showing. Once they get through the door the staging takes over. The future homeowner can picture themselves sitting around the table in the kitchen, hanging out with family in the living room, or walking into the bedroom at the end of a long day. THAT is what sells a house faster than anything else!

Part of the home staging process involves decluttering(important to making a home clean and relaxing), removing the appropriate personal items (some of them can stay) and placing furniture in a way that will show off the space the best (important to making a home feel bigger). Here’s more information if you want to know more details about the staging process. 

But if you really want to make your stage work for you, then pair it with professional photos! Staging makes ALL the difference in the photos that are used to market your home. Like it or not, photos are often the hook to getting potential buyers interested!

Homes with high-quality photography sell 32 percent faster. Homes with more photos sell faster, too. Take a look at these examples and it won’t take you long to see why.

Take a look at this living room. Interested?

It looks dark. The orange color is jarring and the glare from the window is distracting.

Now let me show you what it looked like after I staged it… calming, bright, and more seating. big difference, huh?

Stella creates a colorful, classic, unique, warm experience as soon as your potential buyers see a home online or when they walk through the front door.  

Would you rather buy this kitchen?

Or this one? You probably didn’t even notice the cool stained glass windows in the first picture. Good design brings out the best elements of your home and puts them on display.

This one makes you want to cook dinner and invite people over, doesn’t it? 

Photos that market your home should:

  • Show the room from the best angle (shooting from the corner shows the most depth)
  • Make the home look light and bright 
  • Highlight the homes best design elements and features

A good realtor will make sure the photos are professional. Don’t spend money to have me stage the home beautifully then try to DIY the photos with your iPhone. That’s like hiring a professional makeup artist because you need a new headshot then taking a selfie in the bathroom. Bad move. 

If the home is my listing, professional photos are included in the deal. If I stage the home for another agent, they will typically handle the photos.

Stella is more than furniture and stuff, Stella Home is love. Don’t let your house sit on the market, get it noticed with the professional home staging services of Stella. Spring is a busy season so let’s get an assessment on the calendar soon!