As a home stager and Realtor, I am often asked how to create a bold focal point in a room on a budget.

My answer: Statement walls. Statement walls. Statement walls.

  • Got a boring wall you want to jazz up?
  • Need to break up a large room?
  • Want to highlight an amazing architectural feature?
  • Just feeling the need to make a room say ‘WOW!’?

The answer to all of those quandaries is a statement wall. I love the flexibility and creativity in creating statement or accent walls, as they are also called. These walls typically blend color, texture and tone to create a conversation starter or focal point in a room.

Here’s one of my favorite statement walls from a past stage.

Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices going.


This is the easiest way to create a statement wall. Use a bold color to complement the shade used on the other walls. You can paint a whole wall, a half wall, or even tape-off a random design and create a statement wall with geometric shapes.


Reclaimed, vintage or barn wood can give a room a rustic vibe. Wainscotting can add a touch of elegance. Other wood adds to the coziness of the space. These days you only have to look as far as your local home improvement store to find easy to install panels to create the high end look. (link:


Statement walls can also be created using things … Fill the space with art or photos, a giant map, heirlooms or even shelves. It’s a WOW way to bring together things you love.


Sometimes paint just doesn’t give the design factor you are looking for. There are a million different kinds of stencils to choose from. I’m a fan of stenciling. I actually did it in my own home. Click here if you want to see how I did it and what you need to know to try it yourself.


Wallpaper is cool again. Did you know that? Wallpapers are great when you want a more intricate design. Some even incorporate texture into the paper giving it an extra layer of pizzaz. If you are worried about what happens when you get tired of the wallpaper, you can opt for temporary wallpaper. Yep, that’s a thing.

Chalkboard paint

This is just, well, plain fun. The intrigue of a dark accent wall with the whimsy of child’s play is a great combination in spaces like kitchens (write out a menu, update your grocery list or leave notes for the family) or children’s play rooms (let their imaginations run wilde). Heck, it also works in teen rooms or bonus spaces (think artsy office or game room)

THE WRITING IS ONE THE WALL…  literally. Check out this totally unique idea for a statement wall that could be truly customized to a verse or message that meant a lot to you.

Need more ideas? Do a search on the internet and you’ll find plenty of inspiration. House Beautiful has some to check out.

It’s easy to see why statement or accent walls are a popular design solution. They allow you to work out your creative side without going overboard or whelming the space. Let your statement wall say something about you!