“Art, undeniably, is conductive to happiness” – Unknown


I can’t over-stress the importance of art in staging a home. Art is a relative term. Pieces of colorful wall hangings can be purchased from IKEA, Target, Homegoods, and countless online stores. However, original art can be just as easily purchased from your local coffee shop, art gallery, or side walk or ETSY an online arts store. You can also create some of your own.


Why original artwork?


  • Bring a uniqueness to the decor
A stage design should pleasantly surprise it’s viewers. If they recognize a well sold graphic from a chain store, the magic is lost.


  • Cultivates discussion
If something interesting, evocative, colorful, iconic is displayed in a staging design viewers will slow their pace through the space, that is a good thing. The longer people stay in the space, the more they emotionally attach to the space.


  • Overall Enjoyment
Art proves to create positive feelings.


  • Supporting artists
In supporting my local artist. I am furthering a positive connection between the staged home and it’s local community. What a great opportunity to support local and sell your home.



You may think original artwork is too expensive. That is not true. There are great pieces all over the city that are below $100. In addition, ETSY has thousands of options in every price point. Don’t be shy to buy a canvas and paint. Create your own simple color study. Showing buyer’s an appreciation of original and unique artwork will impress and amaze.

Who is your favorite local artist?