One of my favorite things to do is, what my husband calls, “putz”  Putzing is the act of floating around one’s home with good music wafting throughout the space, I like Etta James or Amy Winehouse whilst doing small seemingly insignificant tasks. I say seemingly insignificant because to the unknowing watchful eye that is how it may appear. In reality, it is very important that you normally don’t have time for i.e. plucking dead leaves off of your house plants or re-arranging shelf decor. 

My putzing time relaxes me.  I find that the time spent putzing at home in my own space makes me feel good and usually produces great creativity.  It may look like I’m spending an inordinate amount of time on color coordinating the hand towels on the hand towel shelf of the upstairs linen closet, but really I’m being kind to myself, showing my home love, and appreciating life. Yes, putzing can be a very deep experience.

I was inspired to write this post during my last putz session.  As I putzed from room to room in our historic and much-beloved home, I realized that every home is an alter to the lives of those who dwell inside.  Pictures and trinkets are not just inanimate objects. They are memories and symbols of where we come from, what we have accomplished and what matters to us. 

Keeping things like the free street map of Paris that we were given by our cab driver…while in Paris or the election button, that I thought I had lost but found in the back yard, from my friend’s local campaign for DA is an act of holding those people and times in my space.

By giving them space and respect displaying them on the shelf for all to see, I also offer others the opportunity to hold those memories and ask about them, creating a chain reaction of connection to that item.

Staging is relative to the putz. See, I realized that my love of putzing in my home provides inspiration for staging houses.  Ultimately a stage is a profound understanding of appreciating that everyone needs their space to spread out, tell their story, craft and re-craft space as your life unfolds and collects proof of memories. 

I incorporate items that may seem benign but I can assure you every trinket tells a story and serves a purpose like an iconic album cover or a bright yellow piggy bank or a flamingo cookie jar, that I have collected for my stages over the years.  I have used discarded or broken items that no one cares about that I rescue from the landfill because they create that sense of place i.e. old toaster.  

I’m not sure if I have completely captured the art of the putz or its essence but I suspect you know what I mean.  Either way, go ahead put on some of your favorite music, take off your shoes and putz.