Every space in your house should have a purpose but sometimes our rooms are asked to do double duty. Room dividers are an affordable option to consider if you need a little help in this area.


Room dividers are a creative way to maximize space and can improve the functionality of your home. A room divider can help define a larger space into smaller ones or provide a little privacy in a room that might be multi-purpose. They can also provide a decorative element to a space.Some are easily moveable and others are more permanent type fixtures.


Traditional folding screens

This is the obvious choice when you think of a room divider. The folding screens tuck easily away when you don’t need them and can add a decorative element when you do. If you want quick and easy this is it. They are widely available for purchase at home decor/furniture stores. A quick Google search will show you just how many different styles you can find.

Repurposed divider

I love taking something old and repurposing it into something new and hip and slightly funky or off-beat. This kind of a divider can be a true conversation starter. Think old shutters or doors. Even windows can be used when all you need to do is define space but not necessarily create more privacy. A craft studio with windows to the rest of the room would be super cute, don’t you think?


This divider can add an element of luxury in a large open living room where you want to section off an intimate area or even around a bed in a bedroom. Hanging the curtain rod from the ceiling can give a dramatic effect. If you need true sound dampening you’ll want to opt for a thicker curtain.


This classic choice is a more permanent type of room divider. If it’s tall enough you can create the feeling of a separate room. Maybe you want to just add a little storage to your work-from-home office that’s in the corner of your bonus room. Shelves with backs on them will provide more privacy than open back shelving units. Note: Make sure bookshelves are properly secured to prevent injury or a big crash in the middle of the night that will scare you to death.


I’ve written before about how I love to use plants in my home stages. Imagine a plant wall! You could do something like this specific for plants or use an open-air shelving unit and fill it with plants instead of books or knick-knacks. These kinds of living walls as they are known to have proven scientific benefits and are part of something called biophilic design.  

Of course, if you want to get creative and have the patience, a room divider can be a great DIY project. You’ve always wanted to do something with pallets right? If you’ve got a few extra hours, you can spend some time on Pinterest!

Have fun!