Recently, I was house shopping with a lovely stylish young buyer of mine.  We, she and I, knew her house the moment we stepped through the door.  Obviously, we both recognized it was in a great neighborhood and all the other real estatey stuff. I mean we both knew how it was meant to ‘be.’ Wow, the interior design… How do I describe it?  In a word Boho or Bohemian chic.  Think vegetarian artist meets Turkish traveler.  

Bohemian chic is an eclectic style… representative of culture and life. It’s a laid back style without being overly ‘styled’. It’s also layered in colors and textures.   One key to pulling it all together is with a vintage woven rug. In some cases, the rugs are the statement piece… in others, it offers a beautiful background to another treasure on display.

Either way, there is nothing that defines the Boho style more than a Persian/Turkish/Moroccan vintage rug.  

I have several of these rugs in my own collection.  Admittedly, I have also cheated and purchased reproduction rugs that are made to look as close to the real thing as possible.  However, I much prefer the beauty, authenticity, and quality of the non-factory rugs.  Believe it or not, I have found some great deals on the real-deal vintage rugs.

A great place to buy vintage Turkish rugs in Charlotte is South End Exchange.  They have these rugs in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it is fun to buy a small Turkish rug and layer over a larger simple rug.  This really gives a cush boho feel. ( Luxe and laid back is the goal in Boho style.)

I have also found fantastic finds on Etsy. 

There are a few things to know about how to care for your vintage rug. 

  • First, vintage rugs are made to last and are very durable. 
  • To spot clean a rug all you need is very mild soap, some warm water and a rag. 
  • Lightly wet the area and blot dry.  
  • You can also vacuum the rugs, but I recommend vacuuming with the brush off.  Natural fiber rugs can also be professionally cleaned.  

If you ever come across a cool looking rug and you aren’t sure if it’s new or vintage, keep this in mind. Vintage rugs are always handmade. If you flip the rug over you see the knotting isn’t symmetrical and perfect. This little pro-tip will really come in handy once we can resume flea market adventures!

Ultimately, Boho Chic spaces are cozy and approachable with a touch of cool. Finding the right rug goes a long way in helping to achieve that.