Unexpected combos turn heads. Think about it. Tell someone you added mayo to a peanut butter sandwich and see what they do. What about unusual couples like country singer Blake Shelton and pop artist Gwen Stefani (or you could use prince harry and megan if you want). It might seem weird at first but it works. The same is true for some unexpected design combos.

Here are some combos that will turn heads in a good way and bring life to your space

Clashing Colors

Not everything has to match. Colors that have a tension make for energy.  Let’s use pink and red for example.  Pull them together with different shades of each. Hints of moody crimson and happy tomato red balance out soft blush pink and sexy fuchsia.  Ground your garden of color in white, or grey.  it’s stunning, fresh and fun. Just don’t get carried away and use too many colors. That can get overwhelming.

Mixed metals

Deny your instincts to stay with only one metal i.e. gold or chrome.  Layering different metal finishes (polished, matte, or distressed) really looks chic. Just like paint colors, metals have warm (brass, copper, gold) and cool tones (aluminum, stainless, silver) and neutral (black and cast iron).  Start by picking a dominant metal and then one or two at most as an accent metal.

Rustic loves modern 

Who in the heck says you can’t pair a rustic farm house table with mod tulip chairs?  Not me.  Go ahead and sprinkle in some industrial with a little concrete or metal.  The mix will always be intriguing. In this case, think complement not clash.

Leather & Lace with a splash of floral

What a stunning combo to use leather with really girly and soft.  Let me give you an example. Pair leather chairs with ridiculously floral prints.  Leather and/or faux leather provide an edgy background for overly soft and sweet prints.  Combining these unexpected elements gives both of them new style and life. 

As a stager, I want to heighten the feeling of the spaces I design. Odd pairings get attention and when they work they leave a great lasting impression.