Remember when we started working from home “temporarily” back in March 2020? It’s more than two years later and many of us are still spending 40+ hours a week in a hastily thrown together home office. Or maybe you’ve had a work space for a while. Either way, it’s time for an office upgrade.  

The space should be pretty, functional, organized and comfortable. You don’t need to throw out everything and start over, but you should take a hard look at your set-up to make sure it’s inspiring, not draining.


It can be tempting to stick stuff in a pile or in a corner and say “I’ll deal with that later.” Then, later comes around and you have piles all over the place. Clutter isn’t just messy, it can impact your mental health. Studies have shown that clutter can make you anxious, make it hard to focus and even keep you up at night. 

Don’t know where to start? One pile at a time. Once you have all the piles done and papers sorted, filed and tossed, you can move on to bookshelves and drawers. Take everything off each shelf and be mindful of what you put back. Is that the best place to put that item? Does it serve a purpose? Is it pretty? If it’s none of those things, put it somewhere else or toss it. Items in drawers should be there for convenience, not because you don’t know what to do with it. 


Natural light is good for the soul. Researchers agree that natural light has a positive impact on your mental health. If possible, put your desk near a window. If you rely mainly on an overhead light, add a small desk or floor lamp to reduce eye strain.


Your home office furniture shouldn’t be just acceptable. You should have at least one piece in there that you ADORE. It could be a funky bench, a brightly colored chair, a painting that brings you joy or treasured mementos from your travels. We spend so much time in our work space, we should enjoy it.


Adding a beautiful rug to your home office is an easy way to bring in your favorite colors or patterns. It can make a small area feel bigger and a budget office more luxurious. Rugs protect your hardwoods or carpet from the wear and tear of an office chair too.


There are soooo many options that allow you to really customize the space to your preferences.

Once the clutter is gone, you’ve added light and some personal touches, it’s time to get back to business. Add accessories to help you be more organized and comfortable.

  • Put your monitor or laptop on a stand to bring it closer to eye level. This will also give you more space on your desk.
  • Add a footrest under your desk to take some of the pressure off of your back. 
  • Depending on your budget, you can go to a fancy organizing store or the dollar store and stock up on bins, baskets, cups and file holders. You can glam up cheap accessories by adding Washi tape. The scrapbooking tape comes in a million fun colors and designs. 
  • Does your morning coffee get cold while you’re working? There are a bunch of inexpensive mug warmers out there that will keep your coffee hot for hours. It’s one of those not-completely-necessary luxuries you’ll be glad you have. 
  • One office must-have: a plant. It can be a big flowering plant or a small succulent. Plants add a little life to any area. 
  • If your fur babies like to be near you when you work, consider putting a little dog or cat bed under or next to your desk.

Spending a little time and a few dollars to upgrade your home office will make you happier and more productive, so take the time to make sure it works for you.