Every stage I complete has a different vibe. I love building a theme or pattern for each house. It’s not
unusual for me to create an entire design centered around something in the space that inspires me.
Often times that means I have to pick up a new piece or two to finish off the look. Oh dang, that means I
have to go shopping again (of course I’m being sarcastic).

I always try to shop by a few rules. (i suggest using a few of the extra photos here)

A. Buy local — Charlotte first, North Carolina second. 

B. Buy something that has already seen life i.e. used, consigned, recycled, restored. You get the idea.

C. Buy American made if I have a choice — this isn’t always easy.

Over the years I have discovered where to go for what kind of vibe I’m going for and, of course, how much I want to spend on that vibe. People always ask me where I find the stuff I use in my stages. Lucky for you, I’m willing to share where I source my fantastic finds so that you can find a WOW for your own home.  Every home deserves a little WOW, I think. I’m talking about that piece you just love and makes you smile every time you pass it or the one that makes every guest ask ‘where did you get this?’

Instead of rushing off to the mall this holiday shopping season, consider checking out one of these treasured spots. Don’t take this lightly what I’m about to share is staging gold. 

Sleepy Poet Antique Mall – Antiques, consignment warehouse, new North Carolina made furniture.  I’m a little embarrassed to say how often I’m in here. The folks who work here know me by name.  It’s my go-to for just about anything.  I know I can find funky cool, retro, whimsical…you name it.  Price point is different from vendor to vendor, but I always know I can find “the thing” I’m looking for to complete the look. http://www.sleepypoetstuff.com/

Slate – Consignment store that features different consignors. The pieces in here tend to be period modern, meaning 50’s, 60’s, 70’s retro modern.  They also carry local artists.  Price point will be a bit higher but there is always a fun, funky, luxurious gem to be found here. http://shopslateinteriors.com/



Tuft Store – This is one of my new faves.  This is a small design store that has local art, retro furniture, and just cuteness.  I can also run ideas past the owner/local interior designer Danielle McKim. She has a fantastic sense of style. The price point is really great for a small boutique.  http://tuftstore.com/


City Supply – This is another great place for boutique furnishings, lighting, art and small decor.  All is new furniture not used but most of it is sourced from North Carolina furniture makers.  Everything is so luxe and sophisticated.  Price point is higher but worth it.  http://www.citysupplycharlotte.com/




Here are two places worth a little drive.

Hickory Furniture Mart – This is a great place to get larger pieces with tons of style at a fantastic value.  Don’t make it here too often but always come home with a truck load when I do.  Lots of stores with new furnishings and lot of the inventory is very proudly sourced from American and North Carolina companies. My favorite store in the Mart is https://www.hickoryfurniture.com/stores/mitchell-gold-bob-williams-factory-outlet/

Screen Door – Asheville.  I love this place!!! I can’t get there as much as I would like, but wow!  I will make the trip if I need a certain dreamy feel to a stage. This is what it looks like when art and interior design have a baby.  It’s a feast for the senses… found objects, weathered pieces, I just love it here. Price point is good. http://screendoorasheville.com/




What are you waiting for? Go get yourself a little WOW.