It’s no secret that the Charlotte real estate market is remarkably in favor of sellers right now. This begs the question is there any need to stage your home in a sellers’ market? According to Canopy MLS the number of days homes are on the market in the Charlotte region is down nearly 18% from 2021 and the median sales price is up nearly 23%. The bottom line, homes are selling faster and for more money. In fact, the market is so hot you might think you can cut certain corners at the moment. Like maybe you don’t think you have to clean up as much to make it sellable or you can ignore the small things that need to be fixed. 

Sure, buyers are paying top dollar and often more than the appraised value for a property. But buyers still want to know they are getting their money’s worth. That’s exactly why you should stage your house even in a hot market. 

Stagers know how to make your house look great! And that will make buyers feel better about buying at the high end of their budget. Especially when you consider that spending more on a house also means less money for renovations or repairs.

I have a unique view on this issue because I am on all sides of this market. I am not only a home stager, I am a real estate broker who represents both buyers and sellers. I also stage for other brokers. The feedback I get from all of these clients is invaluable. When they are asked if staging is worth the money, without question or hesitation the answer is yes.

Recently, I staged a home for a man who had been referred to me by another couple I worked with in the last year. They brought me in after their home got less than stellar offers. Their friend, Jed knew right off the bat the value of staging. We got his house clean, painted, repaired and staged. Once it hit the market he quickly got multiple offers. One of the agents involved in that offer pool told me her client offered $50,000 over the asking price and still didn’t win the bid. She told me her clients put their all into the offer because my staging mesmerized them (her words, not mine).

I always tell my clients, they only have one chance to make that first impression. How much is the seller missing out on if their house isn’t staged and looking fantastic?

Three ways staging sets your home apart from others:

  • Eye-catching Photos of professionally staged homes stand out online and draw more people to that critical first showing or open house.
  • Inspirational Staging helps people imagine living there
  • Clever Staging transforms empty rooms or awkward spaces into charming places

One of the downsides to a hot market for sellers is time on market. What do I mean? If a house is still listed as active after seven days, buyers may wonder if there is something wrong with it. I know it may sound crazy but sellers really want to go under contract as quickly as possible to get their highest price. I am often called in after a home has lingered on the market with lackluster results. Yes, even in this market that is happening, especially when the asking prices are high. Buyers become skittish very easily if no one is biting. 

Don’t leave capital on the table. Stella Home will make your home desired and valued. We can talk about the other things like making small fixes….