2020 is in the books. Now we can focus on the possibilities of 2021. I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping add a little more Zen to my life in this New Year. As a home stager, I know how to add a little Zen with decor.

Creating a peaceful and stress-free design in your home is a big win in the crazy days of a pandemic and is likely to have a bunch of you shouting, ‘Yes! Please!’ as you read this and wish for such an environment.

Open spaces, calm palettes, less clutter, and minimalist are the keywords in Zen decor.

Here are a few ways to incorporate the style.

Go earthy:

Earthy, natural, soft tones create a clean base for zen decor.  Minimalist white, grey, shades of beige or pink beige, have the power to induce a sense of relaxation and calmness.

Soften your steps:

Zen design often includes soft and cozy materials. A rug provides a sense of calmness while providing a stylish way to cover the hard flooring. Break the chill of a warm morning with a soft rug at your feet. Ground yourself in your home office with a rug under your desk. Light-colored rugs like white, light gray, or light work best in Zen interior.

Good bedding:

At the end of a long day, nothing says Zen-like climbing into a bed of pure comfort. Satin pillowcases feel luxurious and are said to have a lot of beauty benefits too. Sheets with high thread count help to create a luscious nest to sink into at the end of the day.

Bring the outside, in:

In these times of lockdowns and restrictions, the more outside you can experience the better for your mental health. You can Zen up your decor with natural elements like green plants. Plants literally bring life into a space and caring for it can be a daily exercise in mindfulness.

Incorporating pieces of natural or raw materials such as wood, marble, hides, clay or cork into a room also adds an earthy vibe that can up the feeling of warmth in the space.

Channel your inner Buddha:

Chill your vibes with meditation enhancing objects like a salt lamp, an essential oil diffuser, or a meditation pillow. These objects help create the perfect surrounding for journaling or reading or just taking a few deep breaths to cope with the crazy of the pandemic.

Reconsider mirrors:

I love mirrors and think they are great for opening up a space and making it feel bigger. But feng shui guidelines warn about mirrors. Mirrors are said to bounce off energy, which can cause you to feel restless. Some research shows mirrors can trigger stress and anxiety. I don’t recommend getting rid of them, but it’s certainly worth considering WHERE you put them in your house if you are in need of some extra Zen.

Now breathe in… breathe out….