So remember I was blabbing about getting my resale business up and running? Well, it’s up and running all right. I haven’t even done a soft opening for my resale business and I have already started to sell pieces from stages. It’s exciting! But what is even more exciting, is the real kick-off of Stella resale: my very first Pop-Up market!  Mark your calendars!

This is really a dream come true for me. My love of staging and design really comes from my love of flea markets, garage sales, antique shops, vintage shops, and well-curated boutiques. 

You can see that in my staging.


I’m all about hunting and finding treasures. 


I would love to have a brick and mortar shop, but it’s not quite time for that. This pop-up is the next best thing.

Pop-up what?

Pop-up retail, also known as a pop-up store or flash retailing, is the trend of opening a short-term shop that lasts for a few days or weeks. We want our Pop-up to become a regular event, perhaps once a quarter or once a month. We also hope to create an “In the Know” kinda buzz with people who enjoy furniture, design, and cool stuff.

Trust me, I know cool stuff.


Stella pop-up is going to start slowly and with not a lot of marketing. My first instinct was to get a food truck, band and kegs of beer, but my marketing and pop-up partner, the lovely Virginia Lane, talked some sense into me. I haven’t ruled it completely out for the future but I’m putting those ideas on hold for now. 

At first, we really want to concentrate on curating what we will have to offer. There will be pieces of furniture, artwork, architectural salvage and small decor that is worth coming for. You’ll find pieces both from my current collection that have been featured in my stages and pieces we have sourced just for the pop-up and even newly built pieces. All unique, fun, and exciting pieces that are all price-points. The band and beer will be involved somewhere pop-up two or three, after we get a couple of these events under our belts and build a following.

Get in early to be in the know

What I’m most excited about is building a healthy following of people who trust us and are excited for what we have to offer and will help us grow. Growing to us means we bring in our creative design partners to add their beautiful wares to our market: Like Matt and Ashley Steger of Rowan’s Haberdashery, Owice Aittaleb of Marrakech Connection, Robert Butchko of Black Walnut Woodcraft just to name a few. Our network has grown to include metal fabricator and furniture maker Graham Long.  

Although we plan to grow, it’s worth being on the ground floor of our pop-up market. This first sale will include some of my most beloved Mid-Century pieces and they are one of a kind, so once they are gone, they are gone.  

Let’s get this party started

There is much to learn and get right about our pop-up store, but I figured let’s get this party started and we will learn and improve as we go. So, I’m writing about my pop-up a bit prematurely, but in writing about it I’m making it real, and that’s a real big deal.

Here are the deets for the Stella Pop-up Market

**Moving services available (you don’t need to have a truck, we got you!)

I have different styles and eras of furniture and design available in my resale collection, our first Pop-up will be Mid-Century Modern pieces. See you there!


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