Artwork in a room not only catches the eye but it can pull the space together with color. Plus, it just makes your home feel homier. Choosing the right artwork for your home can make all the difference in selling it. 

I have a very strong connection with “The Arts” my Mother was an operatic soprano.  My Brother, Chad, received a degree in Fine Art concentration in sculpture, My brother Craig has been, is and will always be a Painter.  Me, well, I like the stuff that artists do.  My bachelor’s degree is in Art History.  I appreciate anything that someone had to create out of their imagination. 

After college, I moved to the West Coast and worked for 3 years in an art gallery. I remember when I worked in the gallery when consulting for clients looking for pieces of art, the client’s would share the color of their couch to match or the wallpaper they didn’t want to clash with the new piece of art.  I also remember thinking, then saying out loud, that is the wrong way to choose a piece of art.  You choose a piece of art from your heart, your guts, your humor, your sensitivity, your memories…not your couch.  

“Art is not what you see but what you make others see.” —Edgar Degas

Art doesn’t have to be a painting.. signs, antique shutters or doors… all kinds of things can be art.  The best part about art is there are no rules. Well, OK, there are a few.

  • HANG TIGHT: Art should be hung at eye level Let me clarify that. The center of the art should be at eye level.  When hanging art above a sofa or other piece of furniture, the bottom of the frame should be 6″-12″ above the furniture.
  • SIZE MATTERS: A general guideline for sizing is that the piece should take up 1/2 to 3/4 of the space. Art should not be more than two-thirds longer than your sofa
  • CONSIDER THE SCALE: Big spaces work best with large scale artwork or group small pieces together. Here’s my advice for creating a wall collage.
  • PICK SOMETHING YOU LIKE. Enough said. Sure, you might have to compromise a little with the hubby but keep in mind you still have to look at it every day.

It’s also good to consider the purpose of the room.

Art in a kitchen might be more whimsical. You might want artwork in the bedroom to be more serene or calming. (Pro tip: the best spot to hang art in the bedroom is directly over the bed or on the wall opposite the bed.) Inspirational might be the best tone for an office space. You get the idea. 

“Creativity takes courage” Henri Matisse

Art is color. Art is texture. Art is expression! If you want to really express yourself you can make your own art to display original art. I wrote a blog offering 4 reasons why original artwork is a good option.

Now, as a stager, I have to pull back a little when it comes to choosing artwork. I wouldn’t want to offend a potential buyer. A stager’s job is to make the space appeal to as many people as possible. So I follow a different set of rules for using art in a stage, including.

  • No nudes
  • Landscapes, Botanicals, or Abstracts are a safe bet
  • No religious symbols

If you don’t know, Charlotte has some great local artists. When choosing the right artwork for your home,  I urge you to think local! I think knowing the artist and their story adds an extra element to the piece of art. 

The same piece of artwork can say different things every time you look at it.  I pride myself on always supporting local artists.  Whether it’s a small piece in a coffee shop or a well-known artist in a gallery it matters and I love it.  My client’s love it too. Oh, and buyers really really love it.